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Bitmovin integrates Dolby Vision

April 23, 2020

Bitmovin, a specialist in online video technology, has announced support of Dolby Vision, Dolby’s high dynamic range (HDR) 4K video format. Bitmovin will license and implement Dolby’s technology into its transcoding solution to enhance the 4K viewing experience via streaming. Bitmovin believes that Dolby Vision is quickly becoming the de facto HDR standard for 4K TVs and that streaming services will continue to be at the forefront of Dolby Vision 4K content.

By adjusting the picture on a scene-by-scene basis, Dolby Vision allows viewers to see more detail with better colour accuracy. The integration of Dolby Vision in Bitmovin’s Video encoding means that Bitmovin customers will be able to deliver more dynamic and brighter images while using minimum bandwidth.

Bitmovin Video Encoding offers per-title and three-pass features that automatically select the best encoding options according to the complexity of each piece of content, adjusting bitrate requirements to optimise the delivery of each individual asset. This reduces bandwidth consumption by applying the minimum bitrate required to maintain perfect visual quality.

“Image quality is essential for survival in an increasingly competitive streaming market, and HDR is just as important as 4K,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO of Bitmovin “By integrating Dolby Vision into Bitmovin Video Encoding, our customers will be able to create and stream content that delivers transformative HDR experiences on minimum bandwidth and provide consumers with the viewing experience they deserve and expect.”

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