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ITV Studios acquires Red Carpet Survival format

April 23, 2020

ITV Studios has acquired the exclusive rights to produce the unscripted game show Red Carpet Survival from Japan’s Nippon TV in each territory it has an unscripted production base. The production deal spans 33 territories across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, North Africa and Australia, as well as rights to distribute the resulting finished versions worldwide.

Sales of the format to the rest of the world, including Southern and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia will continue to be handled by Nippon TV.

Red Carpet Survival is a high-energy game show where contestants act as bodyguards who must safely escort a celebrity VIP. Their mission is to make the VIP stay on the red carpet that stretches out to their destination no matter what; it means suffering physical blows and surviving a series of crazy traps such as huge explosions, attacks by robots, and even real crocodiles secretly set on their way.

“ITV Studios is the perfect partner for us as we roll out the red carpet around the world. This fast-paced, thrilling game show is ideal for family viewing and can turn any location into comedy and jeopardy simply by adding a red carpet,” commented Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development at Nippon TV. “With the international success of Block Out, we are extremely pleased to see the localised versions of yet another high-energy game show format that is sure to keep global viewers fully entertained.”

“Red Carpet Survival is a brilliant concept, which will be great fun for viewers of all ages,” added Mike Beale, Managing Director, Global Creative Network at ITV Studios. “We want to be attached to the biggest ideas and the best IP out there and this is a format which falls into that category. It has real global potential and we are excited about working with Nippon TV to roll it out internationally.”

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