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ITV commissions Captain Tom’s War

April 24, 2020

ITV has commissioned Captain Tom Moore – a documentary to be shown on VE Day (May 8th) that will tell the story of Moore’s part in World War II.

The former British Army Officer has become a national treasure after raising more than £28million for NHS charities by walking 100 lengths of his garden with his frame, Moore actually fought in Burma and will share his memories of the conflict to draw attention to the ‘forgotten war’ on the occasion.

Airing just a week after his own centenary celebrations, in this new 30 minute programme, Captain Tom’s War, produced by North One Television, Moore looks back on his time during the War in the brutal Burma campaign, as a million Allied troops from 40 nations attempted to repel the invading forces of Imperial Japan from the British colony over almost three years, between 1941 and 1944.

Captain Tom’s War will also feature Moore’s daughters, Lucy and Hannah, who reveal family photos from their trip back to Burma.

ITV’s Controller of Current Affairs, Tom Giles, commented: “Captain Tom’s War will shed light on a campaign which comparatively goes unmentioned but in which our troops suffered unthinkable hardship and tens of thousands of British soldiers fought and died. Hearing this from Captain Tom Moore, who fought in Burma, means we will find out a lot more about the man who has done so much to raise our spirits at this time and the experience he and many others faced during World War Two on an occasion when we rightly come together to thank them for their sacrifice.”

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