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Glewed content on The Roku Channel

May 22, 2020

Glewed TV, a VoD discovery, live distribution and monetisation management platform for original and professionally produced video content, has announced it will distribute its content on The Roku Channel.

“Content distribution deals with partners like Roku are an important part of Glewed TV’s business today,” said Melody Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer, Glewed TV. “We want to get our premium content in front of as many consumers as possible. The Roku Channel’s massive user base allows us to accelerate our content distribution efforts while helping us to monetise our content even more effectively.”

The Roku Channel reached households with an estimated 36 million people.

Wolff continued, “The cord is being cut – people are ditching cable for streaming as their primary way of viewing TV. As viewers migrate to streaming, advertisers are unlocking investment opportunities in OTT. We look forward to continuing to share all of Glewed TV’s business activity and traction as there’s more news to come.”

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