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Malone to consolidate SiriusXM into Liberty Media?

September 18, 2020

By Chris Forrester

The rumour mill surrounding the departure of Jim Meyer, CEO at pay-radio operator SiriusXM and the broadcaster’s CFO (David Frear) announced at the same time, has ramped up in earnest.

One influential analyst, Jessica Reif Ehrlich from the Bank of America, describes the changes as a “significant shake-up” and says that a move by John Malone’s Liberty Media – and perhaps also involving Live Nation Entertainment and perhaps iHeart Radio, where Malone holds stakes – could be a possibility.

Another commentator suggested that the appointment of new executives into SiriusXM could be a sign of changes to come.

Other comments argue that Meyer’s departure (at the end of this year, but he stays on the Board as vice-Chairman) is not much of a shock. He is, after all, 65 years-old.

The bigger surprise is the instant departure of Frear “ to pursue other opportunities” after 17 years – and one analyst suggests that he might have expected the CEO position and perhaps is the victim of disagreement.

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