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Intelsat backs free IFE

September 29, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Delta Air Lines wants to offer its passengers free broadband access whilst they are on-board one of their aircraft. Intelsat agrees, and is backing the move to ‘always on’ broadband in the air.

Intelsat’s SVP/Mobility, Mark Rasmussen, quoted by Runway Girl Network (RGN), says that the “free in-flight browsing” is what it, and most airlines, are seeking. He told RGN that Delta had been concerned that there wasn’t enough satellite broadband capacity, but with Intelsat now buying Gogo’s Commercial Airline (CA) division this anxiety would change everything.

Intelsat is buying Gogo’s CA division for $400 million. The purchase is expected to close early in 2020.

Rasmussen said that the Intelsat fleet would offer airlines services that were “really fast” and at prices that make it possible for them to offer free WiFi if they choose.

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