MediaMath partnership with PubMatic


MediaMath, an independent advertising technology company for leading brands and agencies, has demonstrated the value of its SOURCE programmatic ecosystem by highlighting an enhanced partnership with PubMatic. This integration employs passing MediaMath DSP optimization data to PubMatic’s platform so more performant inventory can be directed back to the DSP yielding soaring results for all stakeholders.

“MediaMath launched SOURCE to align industry leaders in redesigning the foundation of programmatic advertising to achieve radical transparency and improved performance,” said Joe Zawadzki, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MediaMath. “This has resulted in partnerships with like-minded advertising technology platforms such as PubMatic that not only share the vision, but that are actually implementing the code required to bring an aligned ecosystem to life in a way that benefits all players.”

MediaMath data routes per-impression decisioning analysis from its powerful Brain optimization engine to PubMatic’s own machine learning-driven optimization tool, ROI Sync. This allows participants to better determine the optimal set of inventory and required bid price, to drive brand campaign performance and greater publisher yield.

Through the new connection with PubMatic’s ROI Sync, MediaMath enables brands to securely share campaigns’ performance intelligence data with PubMatic, better aligning outcomes between buyers and sellers. By optimizing for advertiser value  – instead of price alone – ROI Sync distinguishes itself from traditional bid shading, yielding superior results for all parties.

“Together with MediaMath, PubMatic is enhancing results for buyers and increasing revenue and opportunities for publishers,” said Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO at PubMatic. “We believe that by harnessing our massive data assets and leveraging our sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we can make ad spend and content investment work smarter and harder.”

Case Study: Results and Impact

The partnership has already contributed to early results for a major computer technology brand, including a 35% increase in advertiser ROI as measured by improved bottom-line cost per acquisition (CPA). In addition to sharply increased customer and prospect response rates, SOURCE benefits included:

·     Increased viewability by 40%

·     Decreased marketer eCPM by 30%

·     Increased publisher yield by increasing “working media” by 48%

·     Decreased fraud rate to 0.16%

Partnering with Ad Tech Transparency Leaders in Support of Customer Value

This announcement comes days after MediaMath was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech for the third year in a row. MediaMath continues to expand SOURCE’s supply chain ecosystem with new, industry-leading solutions and advertising opportunities. PubMatic’s participation in SOURCE brings added display, mobile, and CTV inventory from a roster of premium publishers that include AccuWeather, Hearst, Discovery, and Warner Brothers.

“Since launching the first elements of SOURCE almost a year ago, we’ve continually added partners to bolster our addressable, accountable and aligned supply chain,” said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of ecosystems at MediaMath. “By integrating forward-thinking ecosystem partners working with us to co-create SOURCE, we not only expand and improve upon our available inventory, but also signal to both buyers and sellers of digital media that industry leaders are receptive to a new, transparent era of digital marketing.”


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