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EY collaboration with Extreme E

December 1, 2020

EY has announces a collaboration with Extreme E, the radical new racing series starting in March 2021 that aims to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat due to climate change.

The EY organisation intends to support Extreme E in its commitment to minimise its environmental impact across its events, logistics and operations, by developing a Social and Environmental Impact Assessment framework. EY teams will help identify local companies to undertake the assessment in each race location and provide them with the necessary guidance and support; thereby enhancing the company’s capability and helping ensure a high-quality output. This, in turn, will enable Extreme E to offset any unavoidable effects via local legacy projects.

EY teams will also develop pre and post-racing carbon accounts including identifying and calculating Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission sources to support carbon offsetting agreements. In addition, EY teams will assist Extreme E’s efforts to highlight the impact of climate change and the benefits of electric vehicle adoption through thought leadership and industry insights.

Dr Matthew Bell, from EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services team, says: “Extreme E will draw attention to the risks of climate change, whilst showing the world the opportunities that low carbon technologies present. EY teams with their broad knowledge of climate change issues can help Extreme E further its mission by helping measure, monitor and manage the direct and indirect carbon footprint of the race series. This will help ensure that in addition to an exciting race series, this collaboration can further our shared ambition to create a positive environmental and social legacy for generations to come.”

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO, Extreme E, says: “We are incredibly pleased to collaborate with EY on this important initiative, which will enable Extreme E to assess and understand its impact and, as a result, implement legacy programs which provide environmental and social support tailored to specific local needs.

“EY already has developed a long-standing relationship with our sister series, Formula E, and they have many years of experience in the areas of sustainability and eMobility. The expertise they provide is globally respected. Extreme E is a forward-thinking and innovative championship and together we believe we can gain and share some truly tangible and actionable insights.”

Gavin Rennie, EY Global Energy & Resources Leader, says: “Electrification in mobility is gathering pace, fuelled by government policy, shareholder activism and consumer demand. We believe this transformation presents a huge and immediate opportunity for governments, the energy and resources industry and others, including the automotive and manufacturing sectors.We are delighted to collaborate with Extreme E who are utilising the power and influence of sport to highlight the impact of climate change and the benefits of electric vehicle adoption. Together we believe we can develop innovative insights which pave the way to new advancements and ultimately help build a better working world.”

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