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Sky News launching Into The Grey Zone podcast

January 7, 2021

Presented by Foreign Affairs Editor Deborah Haynes, a new 9-part weekly series Into The Grey Zone from Sky News’ award-winning podcast team is set to air its first episode on January 11th, available on all major podcast platforms.

Follow Haynes and her team as they explore a grey zone between war and peace, where no one is too unimportant to be a target. Discover the covert tactics used by states, criminals and terrorist groups to deceive, gain influence and – at times – kill.

What is the ‘grey zone’?

What do assassinations, cyber hacks and disinformation have in common? They’re all weapons used by states against each other in a grey zone of harm that sits – deliberately – under the threshold of war, but could be just as dangerous if ignored.

Sky News looks into this often invisible battlefield, where anything can be – and is – used as a weapon, from computer hacks and disinformation to assassinations and intimidation.

With world-exclusive interviews with spies and military chiefs, the series offers chilling insight into a murky evolution of warfare that, as the series demonstrates, could unravel the world’s democracies “without a shot being fired”.

Each week, a new episode will be available. The final episode will air on March 4th, the third anniversary of one of the most high-profile grey zone attacks on the UK – the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, and the fake news that followed.

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