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Prysmian sets new record of 1Pb per second

January 19, 2021

Prysmian Group, a specialist in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, along with Nokia Bell Labs and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have announced a record-setting 1 Petabit per second transmission over an optical fibre with standard dimensions. The experiment combines highly spectral efficient wideband optical transmission with an optical fibre guiding 15 spatial modes and the use of specific mode multiplexers. The total capacity of the network has been 1 Petabit per second (1,000Tb or c.130,000Gb), corresponding to simultaneous 8K-TV broadcasting for 10 million people.

“Over the past decade, data traffic has increased by a factor of ~100. Fibre capacity has closely followed this exponential growth, thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Data traffic is expected to keep growing at a similar exponential rate during the next decade, notably due to development of social networks, video on demand and mobile multimedia platforms. In this context, space division multiplexing has been recognized as the unique multiplexing technology able to meet this capacity challenge”, commented Eric Stoltz, VP Optical Fibre BU at Prysmian Group.

The group of researchers from the Network System Research Institute of the NICT, Nokia Bell Labs, and Prysmian Group’s Optical Fibre Business Unit succeeded in the world’s first space division multiplexed transmission exceeding 1 Petabit per second in a fibre with standard cladding (125µm) and coating (245µm) diameters. This increases the previous data-rate records in fibres with standard dimensions by 5.7 times (single-mode fibre), by 2.5 times (few-mode fibre) and by 1.7 times (multi-core fibre).

The success of large-capacity transmission using a single-core few-mode fibre, which has a high spatial signal density and is easy to manufacture, is expected to advance high-capacity transmission technology. This could be used in telecom and data networks, from long-reach to short-reach applications, where density and capacity of standard single-mode technology reach a plateau.

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