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ATEME video-compression wins Emmy Awards triple crown

January 26, 2021

ATEME, a player in video-delivery solutions for broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV and OTT, has received three Technology & Engineering Emmy awards from The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) for its outstanding achievements in video compression that affect media delivery and distribution.

ATEME, the only company in the industry with full ownership of all aspects of pixel processing, has been recognized by NATAS in three categories:

  • Development of Perceptual Metrics for Video Encoding Optimization: recognizing ATEME’s Quality Index, a perceptual video quality metric which mimics the human visual system by using a database of 10,000+ assets, including in UHD and HDR, and advanced machine learning (ML) techniques.
  • Artificial Intelligence Optimization for Video Compression: acknowledging ATEME’s Content Adaptive Encoding, a set of tools built on ML algorithms which allow users to reduce bitrate and optimize CDN delivery without significant impact on latency or density.
  • Development of Massive Processing Optimized Compression Technologies: saluting ATEME’s efficient use of microservices in scalable clusters to distribute transcoding of multi-screen VOD assets.

Overall, the three Emmy Awards celebrate ATEME’s achievements in optimal integration of all components that impact video quality of experience.

Mickaël Raulet, CTO of ATEME, said: “We are honored to see the work of our experts acknowledged in this way. On behalf of ATEME, I would like to thank the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for recognizing ATEME’s future-proof approach to the complex and critical task of video compression.”

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