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Rodrigo Santoro and Álvaro Morte to in Amazon’ Boundless

April 22, 2021

Amazon Prime Video and RTVE has announced that actors Rodrigo Santoro (Last Call) and Álvaro Morte (Money Heist) will play Magallanes and El Cano in Boundless, an adventure-packed drama series that will bring to television the story of the first sailing trip around of the world ever completed, in the year of the fifth centenary of the original expedition. Boundless will bring to life the thrilling epic story of a group of sailors on a voyage into the unknown in a major series packed with action and adventure across four 60-minute episodes filmed across Spain and the Dominican Republic. Boundless will launch exclusively on Prime Video in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Latin America, Netherlands, UK, US and Andorra.

Led by the Portuguese Fernando de Magallanes, 239 sailors set sail from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz, Spain) on 20th August, 1519. Three years later, only 18 sailors returned– seriously unwell due to starvation – in the one ship that withstood the journey, which was the one captained by the Spanish sailor, Juan Sebastián Elcano. They had traveled 14,460 leagues, always from west to east, completing the circumnavigation of the world; an almost impossible mission that sought to find a new route to the “islands of spices” and that ended up changing the history of mankind by proving that the Earth is round. This feat forever transformed trade, economy, astrology and knowledge of the planet, and is considered one of the greatest achievements in human history.

The cast includes Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Captain Cartagena), Adrián Lastra (Captain Mendoza), Carlos Cuevas (Martino), Pepón Nieto (Father Bartolomé), Raúl Tejón (Gómez de Espinosa), Gonçalo Diniz (Duarte Barbosa), Manuel Morón (Cardenal Fonseca) and Bárbara Goenaga (Beatriz).

The production of this ambitious, cinematic series will start on 26th April in the Basque Country and Navarre, at locations in Azkoitia, Azkorri, Lazkao, Olite and the Cathedral of Pamplona, before moving to the Dominican Republic, where the filming of maritime sequences will take place at the well-known Pinewood Studios, and in Spain, specifically Seville and Madrid. To recreate the great voyage the ships “Victoria” and “Trinidad” will be rebuilt to scale and a replica of the “Nao Victoria” – the only one of the five ships of the expedition that returned to port and, therefore, the first ship to circumnavigate the world – will be used.

The project, presented in February 2020 at the Navy Headquarters, is part of the Collaboration Agreement signed by RTVE and the Spanish Ministry of Defense in March 2018 on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the first round-the-world trip. Boundless is produced by MONO Films and KILIMA Media and has a first class technical team, led by British director Simon West, who has a long history in action and adventure films (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The General’s Daughter, The Mercenaries 2) and producer Miguel Menéndez de Zubillaga (La trinchera infinita, Loving Pablo, The Paper Boy, Camaron). The script was written by Patxi Amezcua (Desaparecidos, Gun City, The Warning).

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