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New Agama release for video observability and analytics solution

April 27, 2021

Agama Technologies, the specialist in video service quality and customer experience, has launched the new version 7.0 of its leading video observability and analytics suite, which includes new and improved applications that strengthen its collaboration capabilities.

Creating true value from data requires that insights from monitoring and analytics, integrated across the video delivery chain, can be shared and communicated between stakeholders and teams. The new version 7.0 of the Agama Video Observability and Analytics solution has new and improved applications, expands the collaboration capabilities across the suite, and streamlines the way containers and cloud video workflows are supported.

“Since its initial launch, Agama has continuously expanded the solution’s capabilities to add new features and enhancements and help drive operator success and excellence – by providing end-to-end monitoring and analytics for video services”, says Johan Görsjö, VP of Product Management at Agama. “I’m also very excited to introduce the new Agama Cloud Analyzer – optimized for deployment in cloud and container environments. It provides the visualization and metrics needed for understanding all the steps in modern cloud-based video workflows”, Johan adds.

This new 7.0 release is rich in new additions and updates – a new analytics app to directly visualize KPIs in the ABR delivery across the relevant dimensions, enhanced per device analysis and exploration to find problematic customer situations for proactive customer care and troubleshooting, and new dashboarding capabilities to quickly build powerful BI like views to understand service performance and customer experience.

For Analyzer probes in head-end and network, the release includes a new timeline correlation application to easily compare KPIs between channels and different locations in the delivery network, as well as many enhancements in workflow, alarming, metrics and analysis – for OTT as well as IP linear services.

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