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GCS Launches RDK Global Accreditation Program to Support Network Service Providers

May 31, 2021

GCS Launches RDK Global Accreditation GCS, a global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, today announced a new strategic engagement with RDK Management, an open source consortium that standardizes core functions used in broadband, video, and IoT devices.  Specifically, GCS has launched a RDK Developer Accreditation Program to assist the RDK community in identifying, training, and certifying qualified RDK engineering talent, enabling organisations to meet the growing need by network service providers.

At a time when accelerated change has become the norm, creating a workforce built for change requires a sharper focus on counting skills, and the GCS’ new RDK Accreditation program equips organisations to make this shift. Technical skills are an absolute necessity that drives every business, yet technical skillsets are changing rapidly, making it increasingly difficult for organisations to keep up with the people they already have or to source new skilled talent from the market.

The SIA Staffing Trends 2021 report confirms this need, citing both the scarcity of experienced hires compared to demand and the “growing scrutiny and societal pressure on organisations to address workers’ long-term employability” as key factors. Relying on hiring experienced tech talent can no longer support the need — skilling options must become integrated in the overall technology hiring landscape.

GCS is addressing the critical need of RDK training for both existing and new RDK engineering talent.  The program goes one step further through a unique approach that identifies career talent and grows technology capabilities, as a critical part of a complete talent acquisition strategy — cultivating the next generation of technology experts suited for each organisation’s specific needs. Combined, these two tactics provide a strategic alternative to competing for expensive experienced talent while creating opportunities that lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. While RDK focuses on meeting the needs of service providers, GCS is focused on the needs and development opportunities for individuals. The accreditation program is designed to accelerate the growth of certified talent pools needed to facilitate the demand for highly skilled engineers in the market.

The Accreditation

The RDK accreditation is a UK first registered Global certified qualification by OFQUAL created by and for the RDK community and provides the opportunity for engineers to be certified in RDK platform through the demonstration of competence. The accreditation tests engineers skills and knowledge on key topics relevant for operators, OEMs and
Tier 1 suppliers and exposes RDK technology training to the engineers along with other initiatives such as the Embedded Linux Community.

About the course: Currently an online test is required after completing 4 modules (Programming, Linux, Network Protocols, RDK-B Specific Training curriculum).

Course Duration: Test can be sat by anyone but are currently targeted towards experienced RDK-B engineers. Training material and curriculum have been designed to guide engineers through technology stack that focus on each module they will be tested on.

Jon Gibbs, Managing Director of GCS said,“A rapid shift in today’s workplace and the skills shortage has tremendous impact on business. GCS has long been recognised as a pioneer in the talent acquisition space and we pride ourselves on partnering with clients to power their people strategies, especially amidst constant change. But we also recognise that future workforces will need to continuously reskill and upskill their talent, and our work with RDK will accelerate our ability to provide a holistic approach as we address the tech skills deficit. We are delighted to partner with an organisation that believes in and supports our goal to help clients achieve true workforce dexterity.”

Glee Abraham, Head of Technology Operations & Engineering at RDK said,“RDK is excited to work with GCS recruitment to help expand efforts to identify, train and certify RDK engineering talent for our global community.  GCS has a history of cultivating technical talent and providing the resources necessary for them to advance their careers. This new RDK Accreditation is the kind of initiative that broadband and video service providers around the globe are seeking, and we’re very pleased to have our first program up and running, with more on the way.”



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