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Thaicom bids to extend satellite franchise

June 8, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Thaicom has reportedly set up a subsidiary business in order to bid for satellite orbital slots which the government is likely to auction in July.

Thaicom has asked for the auction to be delayed, citing the pandemic. However, Thailand’s National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is unlikely to shift the date.

Currently the bidding process is open. Potential bidders have been able to buy a “bidding envelope” since May 21st. The date for bids to close in June 20th.

Already declared to have bought a bidding envelope is local entrant Mu Space. There are four slot packages up for auction.

The first package consists of orbital positions 50.5°E and 51°E with a reserve price of 677 million baht; the second is 78.5°E with a reserve price of 366.4 million; the third involves 119.5°E and 120°E at 393 million; and the last is for 126°E and 142°E for 364.6 million.

Thaicom 4 operates in orbital slot 119.5°East while Thaicom 6 is at 78.5°East. If Thaicom fails to renew its concession then ownership of the two satellites will revert to the country’s Digital Economy & Society Ministry in September.

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