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Atende Software becomes Redge Technologies

June 29, 2021

Redge Technologies is the new name of the largest provider of Internet TV services in CEE. The company, formerly Atende Software, was purchased by Custodia Capital at the end of 2020. The portfolio of Redge Technologies includes clients from Poland, TVN Discovery Polska, Play Mobile Iliad Group to name a few, and Europe, such as the Baltic TV3 Group. Every day, Redge Technologies, through its technological solutions for internet video, provides services to millions of end users.

Ambitious plans

Redge Technologies has unique technological competences, a strong capital base and a market leader position in Poland and the Baltic States. The company’s strategy for the coming years is based on three pillars. The first is focusing on API-based cloud services, the second – creating a scalable OTT product for local and regional owners of unique content, and the third – implementation projects for broadcasters, pay TV operators and telecoms on the international market. The company is also considering capital investments in entities developing innovative technologies complementary to its solutions.

All this under a new name and a new logo. – The name Redge Technologies refers directly to the architecture of our solutions – edge computing, the essence of which is to process data as close to the user as possible. At the same time, we refer to our most important products: redGalaxy and redGuardian – says Przemysław Frasunek, board member of Redge Technologies.

Solid quarterly results and subsequent implementations

Redge Technologies is currently working on further implementations of the technology in Poland and abroad. Among them are projects implemented for the TVN Discovery group, TV Play Baltics, the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute ( and the Documentary and Feature Film Studios (WFDiF). This spring, TV3, the largest Baltic media group, launched an OTT (over-the-top) platform offering AVOD content, based on technology provided by Redge Technologies. Viewers of the new version of the TV3 Play website in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia receive free access to over 190,000 videos with a total length of over 40 thousand hours.

The growing list of clients in Poland and abroad allowed for the gross profit in the first quarter to be 219% higher than in the same period of 2020. – Our development will be favored by the growing internet TV market, in which owners of unique, often local content are gaining more and more share – adds Frasunek.

Redge Media and Redge Guardian

From the beginning of its operations, Redge Technologies has focused on the development and commercialization of the proprietary technology platform Redge Media (formerly redGalaxy), which is the basis for building Internet TV services. The platform consists of all the components that are necessary to support the complete processing chain and monetization of video content. Redge Technologies is also the operator of one of the largest distributed content distribution systems (CDN) in the region.

Starting from 2015, the company is continually developing the Redge Guardian platform (formerly redGuardian), the first national carrier-class system to protect against DDoS attacks.

– In the area of high scalability and cybersecurity, our greatest challenge will be to focus on the development of products and services for the 5G network. We also believe that cyber sovereignty should not be an empty slogan. The only way to implement this concept is the development of native technologies – adds Frasunek.

Redge Technologies committed to rebranding as part of the ownership towards the end of previous year. The acquisition in the management buyout formula was carried out by Custodia Capital, an investment company supporting small and medium-sized entities in Central and Eastern Europe.

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