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WarnerMedia to sell TMZ?

August 12, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Tabloid entertainment publisher and broadcasting brand TMZ is reportedly being sold to Fox by AT&T.

The move is yet another sign that AT&T/Warner is looking to divest itself of non-core business divisions. AT&T is also in the process of combining WarnerMedia’s entertainment, sports and news assets with Discovery’s nonfiction and international entertainment and sports businesses to create a standalone global streaming entertainment company.

TMZ is already part of the Fox family in that it airs a TV show (TMZ on TV) on Fox’s broadcast TV stations.

TMZ’s tabloid-heavy on-line publication specialises in entertainment and celebrity-led news.

However, readers with long memories might sense a certain déjà vu in the reports. Go back to 2017 and the then $85 million ‘merger’ between AT&T and TimeWarner also prompted reports that CNN and TMZ would be sold once the merger wrapped.

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