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MASV completes TPN assessment

August 17, 2021

MASV, the file transfer service dedicated to enormous video content, has announced the successful completion of a TPN security assessment. TPN (Trusted Partner Network) is the global film and television content protection initiative.

A TPN assessment is a review of a vendor’s security posture against the MPA (Motion Picture Association) Best Practices Common Guidelines. Going through a TPN assessment demonstrates a commitment to reviewing a vendor’s security posture against these guidelines and is a report representative of a vendor’s security credentials.

TPN vendor reports are available for the vendor and content owners to review and inform their business decisions.

“The M&E industry’s future lies in the cloud, and it’s exciting for MASV to be a part of this dramatic shift,” said Greg Wood, CEO at MASV. “Content protection is our top priority. A TPN assessment represents another critical milestone in our journey to help media professionals be more connected and more secure.”

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