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CareGame’s catalogue surpasses 1,000 titles

September 7, 2021

Mobile cloud gaming company CareGame’s catalogue surpasses 1,000 titles, making it the market’s biggest catalogue of no-download-necessary mobile games. By partnering with CareGame, service providers and mobile operators can offer users access to 1K+ games via its unique mobile cloud gaming solution.

CareGame enables mobile operators, anywhere across the globe, to offer their own service of mobile cloud gaming to their end-users, thanks to a fully customisable turnkey solution. CareGame has built the world largest mobile game catalog for mobile cloud gaming, with already more than 1,000 mobile games available. And the game lineup proposed by the company continues to grow, with dozens of new titles added each month.

“Thanks to CareGame, any iOS or Android smartphone can instantly access the best mobile video games, including the heaviest or most demanding ones, without any download, and enjoy a AAA gaming experience at 60fps, even from a 1.5Mbps connection. Our catalogue includes more than 1,000 mobile games. It is today already the largest on the mobile cloud gaming market, and new games are joining every month. We offer our partners a wide range of mobile games in the most popular genres: Action, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Racing, Adventure, Puzzle, Shooter, Multiplayer, and many more. We are helping mobile operators building the best offer to their end-users, who are eagerly asking for this new gaming experience”, said Benjamin Athuil, CareGame Co-Founder and President.

CareGame’s catalogue includes iconic franchises from major publishers such as Hitman, Lara Croft, and Deus Ex, published by Square Enix, and Stormblades and Dawnbringer by the brilliant Kiloo. It also brings indie gems that have won international awards, like the poetic adventure games by the publisher Nyamyam, or Playdigious’ unique immersive stories and action games.

“Our catalogue can be deployed for a partner in just a few weeks. All titles we offer are existing mobile games. Not only are these games already praised by mobile gamers, but they have been designed and developed from the ground to be played natively on a touch screen. No gamepad needed. No overlay on the screen. We are proving the fluid gaming experience the game studio wanted, on iOS as well as on Android, for each of the 1,200 games”, adds Benjamin Athuil.

With several strategic partnerships signed in recent months, and more to come, CareGame brings a unique solution to mobile operators worldwide, enabling them to offer their end-users the best mobile cloud gaming experience and to quickly respond to the explosion of the mobile gaming market. Thanks to its unique technology and its rich and high-quality games catalog, CareGame is already available in 44 countries across five continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

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