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OneWeb secures Canadian distribution

September 17, 2021

By Chris Forrester

OneWeb has appointed Galaxy Broadband as its distributor in Canada.

Galaxy has, at best, a two-year window before Telesat’s Lightspeed constellation gets to work. However, OneWeb is not focusing on connectivity direct to Canadian users. Lightspeed will be addressing consumers.

OneWeb says that it is supported by a global network of gateways and user terminals. OneWeb’s global connectivity platform will provide high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity to expand Galaxy’s existing SDWAN connectivity capabilities in and across Canada. The partnership will enable a fibre-like experience to benefit end users, offering internet access no matter where users are.

OneWeb’s partnership with Galaxy will focus on expanding bandwidth for a variety of industries such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction, and Community Aggregation which will bring a range of benefits including improving corporate efficiency, health and safety requirements, asset tracking, environmental monitoring and new operational applications while also helping remote workers better connect with their families and loved ones back home. Utilizing the power of OneWeb’s network, Galaxy can augment its existing SDWAN of GEO satellite or Microwave connectivity by adding low latency service.

The press statement says: “Galaxy specializes in offering customers innovative solutions with Smart Site for rural and remote site connectivity and combined with its proprietary networks and infrastructure, to deliver remote data communications, VolP and internet access to customers across a wide range of industries. For almost three decades the company has provided reliable communications to enterprises in remote locations with limited or no connectivity, including resource-based projects, government entities, emergency responders and infrastructure projects. Galaxy is also proud to offer a range of value-added services and solutions, including a 24/7 managed service of IT networks that includes security, monitoring and reporting as well as network design and consulting, commercial installation, and maintenance.”

Eric Gillenwater, OneWeb’s VP & Business Head, Global Carrier and Enterprise, commented: “OneWeb’s network design uniquely offers Canada large amounts of capacity coupled with high-speed, low-latency services that will serve to bridge the digital divide across the country – and our services will start by the end of this year. I’m delighted to partner with the Galaxy team. They are satellite pioneers and experts in delivering effective communication solutions and together we will be able to offer game-changing service across Canada and the Arctic.”

Galaxy’s Founder, President and CEO, Rick Hodgkinson, added: “We are very excited by the many advantages that OneWeb’s LEO services will bring to our suite of services. With OneWeb’s low latency and QoS capability, our customers will have the quality connectivity necessary to deploy new software and systems to operate more efficiently in remote locations, expanding our existing bandwidth capability for the end user. OneWeb’s proven technology and focus on scalable solutions will allow us to have accessible internet access for anyone, anywhere in these regions.”

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