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Kacific Broadband offers GigWiFi

September 21, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Vanuatu registered Kacific Broadband serves a massive potential audience in the South Asia and Pacific regions of the planet. The company has introduced a combination service called GigWiFi that brings the best of Kacific’s Gigstarter and Community Wi-Fi services, allowing businesses to connect office workers to a head office LAN, while providing internet services to the surrounding community needing remote access to a Wi-FI service.

Kacific says that under its new two-for-one service, businesses can connect up to seven office staff on a Gigstarter plan and provide monitored Wi-Fi access to workers in fields, warehouses and yards at the same time. A fully managed service, GigWiFi is easily installed, at a low cost. The Gigstarter segment delivers 55 Mbps (Up to 50 Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds) on an unlimited plan, while the Community Wi-Fi segment delivers 25 Mbps (Up to 20 Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds) via a separate plan.

GigWifi will suit medium to large enterprises and government agencies who want a Gigstarter plan for the main office and wish also to provide WiFi for staff on the farm, in the yard or warehouse, at the gate, on the dock or in smaller units or other external locations.

Kacific uses its Ka-band high-power capacity on SkyPerfect JSAT’s craft (JCSAT-8) which is operated by the two businesses from 150 degrees East. Kacific has 56 spot beams targeting its 25 countries and regions.

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