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Smart Axiata deploys Huawei FWA Suite

March 1, 2022

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) users of Smart Axiata in Cambodia has increased significantly with total registered subscribers exceeding 100K+ in 2021 and its service is now available in 20+ provinces. One of the contributing factors to this growth in subscriber base is the FWA Suite from Huawei, the industry’s first intelligent solution that enables end-to-end (E2E) service automation.

COVID-19 pandemic increases demand dramatically for home broadband connectivity which helps people continue to work seamlessly from home or learn online and remain connected to the outside world. In Cambodia, Fibre to the Home (FTTH) rollout faces multiple roadblocks during lockdowns so Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) becomes a natural choice for consumers propelling its growth.

Smart Axiata and Huawei are committed to collaborate to bring premium broadband services and experiences to more unconnected homes as well as people in Cambodia. They have jointly innovate and leverage FWA Suite to facilitate home broadband service provisioning during the pandemic. FWA Suite solution, an innovative intelligent solution enables automatic FWA service provision, provides reliable pre-evaluation for wireless throughput & coverage and post-evaluation for proactive user experience management to reduce churn rates. You can refer to the following demo for understanding how FWA Suite can be used to help to roll out agile & premium FWA service.

FWA Suite make zero-touch FWA service provision possible. FWA Suite, also named as WTTx Suite, WTTx means Wireless to the X(everything), can also be integrated by APP on smartphone to help operators to launch FWA services agilely. Smart Axiata developed the SmartNas app to support users’ contactless FWA service application. Users in Cambodia can easily apply for FWA services by inputting their home address on SmartNas app, and the system can give timely feedback for the data package and CPE type. After users enter their address information and paid online, then CPE will be expressed to home, and they can plug-and-play to enjoy FWA service conveniently. E2E automatic FWA service provision offers an added level of safety while the Covid-19 pandemic rages on.

FWA Suite empowers Smart Axiata to provide ultimate FWA experience. Wireless channels change dynamically. Routine network optimization is required to guarantee user experience, but for traditional way of optimization, for example drive testing, it doesn’t actually help much to assess FWA network, because FWA user is normally fixed. By using intelligent algorithm, FWA Suite builds an intelligent decision model for network parameters adjustment based on continuous learning for massive network data, it can keep on iteratively parameters adjustment until the settings converge to enable the best user experience for specific scenario. The network performance is maximized and user experience is improved greatly. During Smart Axiata’s initial test and trials in the capital city of Phnom Penh, we have seen it improving network experience by more than 12%. This whole process of iterative optimization for the whole city took only 7 days to complete, which is far lower than any other traditional optimization method. To date, the automatic provisioning of FWA services has reached the level of L3 autonomous driving network,and the FWA Suite has been commercially deployed in more than 80 networks in 35 countries worldwide.

We will continue to work with industry partners to improve the intelligent and automatic service provisioning capabilities and bring FWA to every home.Looking ahead, FWA increases the inclusiveness of broadband connections, Smart Axiata plan to leverage FWA to enhance the digital economy to provide products and services that elevate Cambodia’s Digital Economy and e-government agenda, use the power of communications to make a better world.

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