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Arab Telemedia completes filming on September’s Gold

March 8, 2022

Arab Telemedia Group has completed filming the highly anticipated social series “September’s Gold” in Amman, Jordan last month. The series is the leading production among a collection of upcoming creative works which have been in development for the past two years and to be released in 2021-2022.

ATG has found opportunity to re-invent itself through a modern uptake on social drama throughout the COVID-19 crisis, a worldwide emergency that has halted media projects for production houses around the world.

Just in time for the launching of its new digital broadcasting channels, ATG is keeping up with the waves of change – that the world and the region have witnessed recently – through broadcasting technology and novelty writing.

The Group wasted no time during the pandemic shut-down and quickly introduced Pan-Arab market with a wide range of fresh ideas and contemporary narratives for drama projects underway.

These works mean a strong comeback for this company that is now going digital and aiming to offer the world innovative content through satellite channels and digital platforms.

‘September’s Gold’ talks about the stories happening behind the shadow of marginalized and vulnerable individuals who are seeking refuge during the Covid-19 crisis.

The story revolves around individuals suffering exploitation and abuse by opportunity seeking predators, who deprive a group of girls from a dignified life through exploitation & manipulation

The idea for this thrilling and audacious script was developed by ATG’s head writer Muhammad Eraikat, and under the direct supervision of Producer Talal Al-Awamleh.

The series narrates a conflict between good and evil on the one hand, and survivalism in the face of a deadly pandemic on the other.

In addition, the script and series offer an unconventional viewpoint of misrepresented refugees who disparage victimization and rise up against existentialism embodied in a war between beauty, love, and the difficulties in between.

Executive producer of Arab Telemedia Group Talal Al-Awamleh stated that, “one of the main elements for a successful production is its capability for keeping up with the waves of change which communities and urban cities we know endure.

A successful production therefore reflects the changes in lifestyle, in ways of thinking, and even in the means to make a living exactly the way we have seen our communities and cities transform amidst the recent Covid-19 crisis.

These unprecedented events mark a historic paradigm shift, and a good production, would capture these changes as thrilling and action-packed dramatic works.”

Al-Awamleh added, “The production is a contemporary humanitarian drama work that deals with the lives of refugee women who become subjected to exploitation after fleeing their war-ridden homelands… On the other hand, there are benevolent hands that spare no effort to protect these women.”

The series, which will run for three seasons – each season comprised of 10 episodes – sheds light on the lives of five women from Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi nationalities, and explores the intricate psychological, political, social and spiritual characteristics defining human behaviors played by Amira Samir, Marah Jabr, Shukran Mortaja, Luna Bechara and Riham Aziz.

Directed by Hammad Al-Zoubi, the series features Arab stars from Syria and Jordan: Marah Jabr, Dana Jabr, Sawsan Mikhail, Nadine Kaddour, Raed Musharraf and Shukran Murtaja. From Jordan, Syria Sari Asaad, Shaker Jaber, Ali Alyan, Akef Najem, Reham Aziz, Luna Bishara, Nabil Kone, Munther Khalil, Omar Helmy, Rabea Zaitoun, Mustafa Abu Hanoud, Amira Al-Atma, Nabila Al-Jilani, Ghada Abbasi, Duaa Shrouf, Yazan Al-

Shamaliya, Wissam Tabila, Ibrahim Al-Nawabna, Jamal Marei and Diana Rahma. From Iraq: Maytham Saleh and Jalal Kamel, and from Lebanon, Ammar Shalak, Elie Chalouhi and Nour Saab, and from Egypt Hamed Marzouk, in addition to many young talents.

Jordanian star Akef Najem, stated that, “as a pillar of Arab drama, Arab Telemedia Group’s experience is deeply rooted in authenticity,” then Najem welcomed ATG’s post-pandemic comeback which “maintains the production house in the forefront of endless industry potential.”

Najem added that this potential is evident in the Group’s attempt to tackle “daring and delicate social issues, that focus on profound and humanistic messages… like the messages discussed in September’s Gold.”

Najem, who has been in a number of Arab and local works, expressed his enthusiasm about taking part in a drama production that “brings together well-known and loved Arab stars.” Najem emphasized, “the harmony between this diverse collaboration will be reflected on screen through enticing topics central to all Arabs.”

Discussing her role in the series, Jordanian actress Amira Samir said, “I embody the role of a Jordanian woman with a cheerful and energetic personality; frank and at peace with herself.” Samir added, “the only thing missing in her life is a child as she cannot bear children of her own, she fights to adopt a child

with her husband who resisted the idea” … “She is a main member of a charity for refugee affairs and a child-training expert” … “She is also one of four friends who are the main characters in the series.”

On the other hand, actress Ghada Abbasi saw such collaborations as “an opportunity for artists to appear in a far-reaching Arab spectatorship, introducing and enriching acting talents in new onscreen experiences.”

Abbasi added, “Drama collaborations are important because they challenge borders, expand artists’ experiences and boost their confidence.” Moreover, Abbasi praised Arab Telemedia Group, saying that the group”brought back the core of drama production and offered several drama works thatwill impact Arab screens with exciting socio-cultural-humanist topics.”

On the other hand, Lebanese artist Ammar Shalak described filming ambience as, “filled with esprit de corps and empathy between artists from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt.”

Shalak added, “what distinguishes this drama work is confident directing and holistic script which talks about different social events, including COVID, and the repercussions of wars in the region, with some of these events revolving around the experience of women specifically.”

Lebanese star Nour Saab added that the importance and beauty of such productions is how they “unite Arab efforts,

create kinship between Arab communities and open up cultural prospects…”

Saab was ecstatic to participate in this drama work, which “gives tangible energy to reflect an honest and exciting image for Arab spectators.”

Saab recognized that while “an artist continues to learn, honorable competition among actors contributes further to the success of this work.”

Saab added that what attracted her to participate in the series September’s Gold the most is how it talks about “very real people; communities existing in all Arab countries – and sheds light on the reality of refugee camps.” Saab also took note to the fragility and boldness of events occurring in the series, which she insisted are “topics we should discuss objectively and truthfully.”

Saab ended by saying that “Arab Telemedia has significantly contributed in the making of drama superstars in the Arab World.”

The Lebanese artist, Elie Chalouhi, was attentive of the importance of this type of collaboration labeling it as “a dramatic fusion that made sense.” Chalouhi said, “such a collaboration would contribute to greater exposure.”

Chalouhi believes that his role is important, “it is imperative for drama to discuss important issues from real problems experienced by the Arab community in an enticing way, which helps shed awareness and call for action in society,” Chalouhi explained.

Likewise, Chalouhi voiced “the ease and enjoyment” he experienced working with Arab Telemedia Group, which he described as possessing “a high caliber of professionalism in both, direction, production, and filming.”

Chalouhi also hailed the successful comeback to Arab Telemedia Group amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, calling the Group’s move as “a bold step,” which attracts artists from many Arab countries.”

About the production, Iraqi artist Maytham Salih said, “this works unified Arab talent and talked about their common problems and ailments, while speaking in a humanist language we all can relate to.”

He added that as artists and Arabs, we have “a responsibility to discuss the suffering and exploitation of refugees inside the camps.”

Regarding his role Saleh said, “I embody the character of Jarir, who is a decisive yet complex and challenging character,” expressing his pleasure in working with “an elite group of Arab

stars led by the creative director Hammad Al-Zoubi, the author Muhammad Erekat and distinguished technical staff.”

“Considering the impressive and achievement-packed history of the production company, exclusively working with ATG has an even stronger impact,” Saleh said of working with Arab Telemedia GroupATG has had a big imprint on Arab and Jordanian drama and has challenged the pandemic, which gives great motivation for the series’ crew to be inspired and creative.

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