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Lindsay Broadband partners with New Use Energy

March 9, 2022

Lindsay Broadband and New Use Energy Solutions have entered into an agreement for Lindsay to resell their affordable, clean powering solutions ‘powered by NUE’ to customers globally.

Lindsay Broadband’s current LEON (Lindsay Ever on Networks) powering solutions include HFC network standby and non-standby power supplies, NIU/CPE UPS systems, and small cell powering solutions. ‘Powered by NUE’ solutions will provide green/clean energy to networks and communities in crisis via lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) portable AC power stations/generators, LiFePO4 batteries, backup power trailers, and solar solutions. Powered by NUE solutions are sustainable, rapidly deployable, portable, high energy density, backup power offerings designed to replace portable, gas-powered generators.

Lindsay’s LEON LBUPS series of network standby power supplies support charging of both VRLA and LiFePO4 battery chemistries, and are certified to the latest UL safety standards. These power supplies can be paired with Lindsay’s LEON LiFePO4 batteries for a green solution offering safe, efficient and reliable power in a reduced footprint compared to regular VRLA battery solutions.

Lindsay’s ‘powered by NUE’, portable, 120 VAC power stations/generators can also be quickly and easily deployed during utility outages to power standby/non-standby power supplies, or any other AC line-powered equipment. They include a high capacity LiFePO4 battery (premium Tier 1 CATL UL Listed cells with advanced BMS) and a high efficiency inverter to produce 120 VAC sine wave power. They are a safe, green alternative to noisy and noxious gas, diesel, or natural gas emergency generators. They also offer clean electrical power versus the electrical noise that comes with generators. These power packs are also housed in a tough, UL 94-V1 fire retardant, weather-resistant, lightweight, hard shell case, with a cable locking mechanism to deter theft.

Lindsay’s ‘powered by NUE’, portable, 36 VDC LiFePO4 broadband battery with BMS can be rapidly deployed in extended utility outages to quickly and easily add an additional string in the battery configuration of a standby power supply when needed. Housed in a tough, UL 94-V1 fire retardant, weatherproof, lightweight, hard shell case, this unit extends plant run-time in critical situations and has a cable locking mechanism to deter theft.

Lindsay’s ‘powered by NUE’, green, all-inclusive, trailer solutions use energy dense, LiFePO4 batteries and inverter systems providing portable, long run-time AC power output. These backup power trailers supply the most energy storage in the smallest footprint, and maximise the run-time for broadband power supplies, fibre aggregation sites with active powering, and hub sites. They are available with commercial or solar power charging options. They are ideal for re-establishing cellular or Wi-Fi communications during a disaster recover situation.

“Lindsay Broadband is thrilled to be working together with NUE to expand our offering of green powering solutions to help our customers achieve more sustainable and safe environments for their employees and customers,” said David Atman, President of Lindsay Broadband. “Lindsay’s extensive design and engineering experience in combination with NUE’s superior offerings will supply operators with safe, cost-effective, clean powering solutions.”

“Our partnership with Lindsay is a big step for NUE,” said Paul Shmotolokha, Chief Executive Officer, NUE. “We are excited to be working with Lindsay Broadband by supporting and enhancing their existing product offerings, and collaborating on a number of future endeavours. This alliance underscores the commitment of both companies to advance sustainable solutions to power our customers’ networks.”

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