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NetOn.Live launches LiveOS

April 25, 2022

NetOn.Live, the media technology start-up, has announced the launch of LiveOS – an end-to-end software-based platform for high-end live and near-live media production.

Broadcast customers are demanding a flexible, scalable, shareable, and more efficient live broadcast infrastructure. To enable this NetOn.Live created LiveOS – a modular software platform that enables local, remote, and decentralised production. LiveOS translates the functionalities that are traditionally found in dedicated hardware devices, into software modules that run on generic IT servers over a SMPTE 2110 based, uncompressed Video over IP network.

The LiveOS software modules can be easily combined in multiple ways to fulfil the various requirements of multiple productions. LiveOS provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to operate these software modules, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser. Programmable hardware panels from different vendors are also supported by the LiveOS platform.

A LiveOS private cloud platform allows broadcasters to design, configure, and quickly spin up and down multiple concurrent productions, such as drama, sports, news, and entertainment. This could be based on local and/or remote studios with the flexibility of having control rooms in the same or remote locations. All this is supported on the same private cloud platform.

A LiveOS production manages the number of users and their specific job profiles required in the production. A LiveOS user has the ability to design his/her own UI layout using the right creative tools and workflows needed to efficiently run a production, wherever they are located. Enhancing efficiency even further, LiveOS offers a vast array of professional broadcast functionality out of the box and integrates with third party products like Studio & PTZ cameras, News Room Computer Systems and Rundown solutions – as needed.

Alongside unmatched functionality, LiveOS is an inherently scalable solution. It can translate video, audio and control signals into IP packets, which are transmitted over the network. This makes cabling and management more straightforward and efficient – as LiveOS can be scaled from small to medium facilities to large and enterprise level broadcast operations. This enables broadcasters to transition from the traditional “one studio, one tech room” model, to a much more flexible, “many studios, one private cloud” approach.

“Moving from broadcast specific hardware to unified IT equipment and software has the potential to transform this industry,” says Michel De Wolf, CEO, NetOnLive. “Installation and configuration times can be slashed down to days, instead of weeks or months, with LiveOS. It’s dramatically more efficient. This software also has the potential to lower power consumption, cooling requirements and rack space in the data centre, so is infinitely more sustainable. Because LiveOS enables a pay-as-you-produce as well as license-based model, broadcasters can enjoy more predictable and transparent Opex with shorter and lighter IT investment cycles. LiveOS is a game changer because it transforms so many paradigms”.

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