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Telefe dominates ratings in Argentina

May 2, 2022

Telefe, owned by Paramount, is #1 in ratings once again in Argentina, achieving an average share of 42.33% share and 8.37 rating points in April. Telefe has held onto the #1 spot for 52 consecutive months with a year-to-date average of 43.54 per cent share and 8.29 rating points.

In April, Telefe continued to lead in every time slot:  from 12 to 4 p.m., it captured 38.59 per cent share and 6.56 rating points; from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 44.48 per cent share and 8.17 rating points, and from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. 43.33 per cent share and 10.37 rating points.

Additionally, eight of the ten most-watched shows were on Telefe.

  • MasterChef Celebrity, Gala de Eliminación – 72.38 per cent share and 15.87 rating points
  • MasterChef Celebrity – 61.44 per cent share and 14.88 rating points
  • El Primero de Nosotros – 45.3 per cent share and 12.28 rating points
  • Fugitiva – 42.06 per cent share and 11.36 rating points
  • Telefe Noticias – 40.74 per cent share and 10.63 rating points
  • Zuleyha – 45.55 per cent share and 10.46 rating points
  • Por El Mundo – 46.7 per cent share and 10.40 rating points
  • MasterChef Celebrity La Revancha – 56.81 per cent share and 9.95 rating points

Mornings on Telefe were anchored by El Noticiero de la Gente, which led with 37.91 per cent share and 7.71 rating points.

Meanwhile, Telefe dominated the afternoons, with Corta por Lozano continuing to be an audience favorite with 37.97 per cent share and 7.26 rating points. In addition, audiences flock to Telefe’s captivating love stories, like Hercai, Soñar Contigo, and Zuleyha, also first in their time slots.

In primetime, Telefe Noticias, telenovela Fugitiva, and scripted series El Primero de Nosotros, are among the most watched shows in Argentina.

On weekends, Telefe also commanded the airwaves with Pasapalabra, which obtained 36.2 per cent share and 6.13 rating points on Saturday and 40.19 per cent share and 8.04 rating points on Sunday.

In digital, reached 5 million unique users and 13.5 million views, while Telefe’s social media accounts accumulated more than 183 million views. The top three most-watched shows were Soñar Contigo, Fugitiva, and Masterchef Celebrity. In the Social Buzz FTA (Twitter) ranking, three of the top ten shows belonged to Telefe: Masterchef Celebrity, Soñar Contigo, and El Primero de Nosotros.3

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