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NEP, eSkootr 9:16 stream

June 1, 2022

The eSkootr Championship (eSC) and media technology company claim to be breaking new ground with advanced broadcasting technology for a mobile-first generation by streaming the inaugural season in 9:16 format, which means the racing action will fill the entirety of a vertical screen.

The technology, which eSC successfully piloted at its inaugural round in London, creates an immersive viewing experience for fans with the broadcast, centralising the action versus traditional horizontal 16:9 viewing where the racing can move to the left or the right of the screen.

NEP sends the original 16:9 video format to its remote broadcast facilities via its Anylive network, where graphics are added before it is sent via IP SRT (open-source streaming protocol) to eSC’s streaming and digital partners to be broadcast.

“eSC wants to be a leader in sports broadcasting, and we are constantly looking at new ways and advanced technologies to enhance the experience for fans,” said Sharon Fuller, Chief Content Officer at eSC. “The inaugural eSC round in London earlier this month was incredibly well-received. A high proportion of our viewing on was mobile-first with the 9:16 format adding to the immersive nature of the racing for those fans watching on mobile or tablet devices.”

“9:16 viewing was central to the content creation vision for eSC from the outset and it will only get better as we progress through the six rounds of our debut season. For now, we’re excited to be racing in Sion, Switzerland (27/28 May) for Round 2 of our brand-new sport and entertainment format.”

“It has been incredible to partner and support eSC with a broadcast 9:16 stream to their audience, which will effectively bring this exciting content to life in an accessible format across multiple OTT, social media and mobile platforms,” added Brian Clark, Director of Sales, NEP Major Events. “The benefit of a 9:16 stream is that it creates an immersive experience as it fills the entirety of a vertical screen. Adapting the broadcast experience to enable eSC to reach their fans across multiple devices meaning people can watch the action from anywhere has been one of the key elements to the success of the launch.”

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