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Spanish broadcasters fear new DTT migration

June 16, 2022

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spanish broadcasters have warned against a new possible DTT migration from the current 470-694 MHz frequency bands on the grounds that DTT transmissions may be at risk.

Intense debate about a possible change is taking place and the issue will be addressed in the next CMR-23 (Radiocommunications Worldwude Conference 2023). The Association TV Abierta – that represents the main Spanish broadcasters – has rejected a new migration, or even opening the band up to new services as, “it would cause a grave alteration in the TV market and its competition rules”.

According to the Association, DTT might be at risk, affecting all viewers who risk not having access to “this universal and free of charge [TV] service” that today represents 71.8 per cent of the country’s TV consumption.

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