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Kacific claims 2,500 deployed sites in Indonesia

June 17, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Singapore-based Kacific Satellite says it has deployed its broadband satellite equipment at more than 2,500 sites in Indonesia for Bakti, the government’s Telecommunications & Information Accessibility Agency.

Kacific has been working with ‘Bignet’, backed by Bis Data Indonesia and Primacom Interbuana on the project.

Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux said: “Bakti’s project aligns with Kacific’s mission to bridge the digital divide by providing access to affordable, high-speed internet in the most remote and under-served areas. The agency has made an excellent choice to use satellite technology to rapidly connect these communities, because of its ability to reach pockets of population in challenging geographies.”

Bignet and Primacom worked with Bakti to provide high-speed internet access to schools, vocational training centres, community health centres, tourist locations, village halls and government offices, said Kacific, which added: “The deployment of sites at remote destinations in multiple islands throughout the length of Indonesia was a logistical challenge.”

Bakti director of infrastructure Bambang Noegroho said: “With this satellite connectivity project, we take a significant step forward to our goal of the equal distribution of information and communication technology, to strengthen national unity, fuel economic growth and strengthen national resilience for disasters and emergencies.”

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