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New Petronix Defenders on Tiny Pop

August 30, 2022

Petronix Defenders bounds on to free-to-air channel Tiny Pop from September 1st This brand-new adventure comedy series has been produced by Method Animation (Mediawan Kids & Family), co-producer of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, in collaboration with Alpha Group.

The series follows Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim and their robotic pets as they set off on heroic missions around the world to save animals in danger.

These four students at Edwin Doolittle Elementary School may look like ordinary school kids. But when wild animals around the world get into danger, these extraordinary friends receive a special signal on their high-tech backpacks alerting them to trouble. The four young super-heroes leap into action and transform their back-packs into small robotic pets with amazing technology. Together, they create an exceptional rescue team known as the Petronix Defenders!

There’s nowhere these mighty heroes won’t go to rescue an animal in trouble. They might race away to Antarctica to save a polar bear floating away from her mama on a tiny chunk of iceberg. Or speed off to Bali to rescue a beached baby blue whale. Or zoom to China to save a tiger family whose home has been destroyed by a sudden storm. Wherever Petronix Defenders go and whatever their mission, Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim know one thing is always true… animal problems need animal solutions! That’s why the team count on their very special Petronix Pets who can also transform into “Max Mode” form – awesome large scale vehicles the friends can actually drive during all their incredible rescues. Let’s go, Petronix Defenders!

The Series promotes strong core values of teamwork, friendship, respect and admiration of nature, along with nurturing positive relationships between children and pets.

The property will be supported with full digital and social media content, followed by a comprehensive toy launch from Alpha Group in 2023 and a UK consumer products programme managed by Brand-Ward.

Tiny Pop is available on Freeview 207, Sky 615, Virgin 737 and Freesat 605.

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