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Rightsline launches Alliant Cloud platform

November 3, 2022

Rightsline, a specialist in rights and royalties management solutions, has launched Alliant Cloud, a cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help companies managing royalties and IP-related financial calculations optimise processing times, manage more complex workloads, and eliminate infrastructure maintenance. Built to better support peak calculation times, high statement volumes, team connectivity and remote access, while providing risk mitigation, enhanced security, and resource savings, Alliant Cloud gives customers a modern infrastructure that will increase workflow efficiency and eliminate the need for self-hosted environments through its browser-accessible interface.

Since the Alliant acquisition earlier this year, our mission has been to integrate the unique capabilities of our Rightsline and Alliant platforms to deliver a modern SaaS infrastructure that could provide our customers with the best of both worlds,” said Patrick Arkeveld, CEO Rightsline. “Rightsline has always been a customer and industry driven platform. Our customers want to leverage the numerous benefits of cloud environments and with Alliant Cloud we are taking a major step towards unifying our platforms and delivering a best-in-class rights and royalties management platform for our customers.”

The platform leverages Alliant’s industry-leading royalty management solution that helps customers manage complex rules and exceptions across billions of royalty calculations as well as support emerging licensing and distribution models. Built on infrastructure tailored to deliver the fastest throughput at the highest volumes and the lowest cost, Alliant Cloud will provide efficient resource management and a burstable, on-demand architecture that enables both faster processing and higher throughput compared to self-hosted Alliant instances. Combined with all the benefits of a SaaS model including fully-managed infrastructure, best-in-class security, and predictable monthly pricing, Alliant Cloud provides the IP Commerce industry with a compelling platform for royalties and other IP-based financial calculations.

“Alliant Cloud represents a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to unify Rightsline and Alliant into a single product. Bringing Alliant to the cloud not only provides both new and existing customers with all the benefits of a fully-hosted SaaS platform, but it also supports other critical in-flight integration tracks like seamless data exchange between Rightsline and Alliant and an integrated user interface,” said Matt Bricker, CTO Rightsline. “The ability to deliver more rapid enhancements to Alliant’s capabilities while providing additional security and scalability is something we are also very excited about. The scale at which our customers will be able to process royalties and other complex financial calculations will be game-changing.”

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