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FailArmy, The Pet Collective launch on Freeview

November 8, 2022

TMB (Trusted Media Brands) in partnership with Synapse TV and Global Distribution Services, have launched two of their CTV streaming channels on Freeview in the UK. 

The Pet Collective, a 24/7 channel for pet enthusiasts with popular shows like Show Us Your Pets, has launched on Freeview channel 278. FailArmy, a comedy brand and a popular online video brand, launched on Freeview 274 in July earlier this year.

The Pet Collective reaches tens of millions of animal lovers across the world and engages more than 45 million on social media. The channel for pet enthusiasts is home to the hit new and original series, now in its second season, Show Us your Pets where viewers get a peek into the lives of their favorite celebrities and furry family members. FailArmy brings you the freshest, funniest, and most outrageous fail videos on the internet. With over 13M followers on TikTok and more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube it’s one of the most watched online properties in the world. Home to new and original shows like Your Pranks Our Show starring Zach Holmes. Both brands recently celebrated the launch – and instant sell out – of their exclusive NFT drop with ThetaLabs adding yet another touchpoint with their beloved audience.

Both channels are monetised via linear dynamic ad insertion performed via Synapse’s custom Server Side Ad Insertion system.  The FAST SSAI is built on standard broadcast and advertising interfaces to enable just-in-time replacement of signaled ad-breaks in the linear feed with breaks that can be targeted at the individual viewer.  The Synapse FAST SSAI system is compatible with  modern HbbTV based TVs and  older Freeview devices, enabling a 50 per cent increase in reach compared to HbbTV-only solutions.

“Synapse’s technology is truly disruptive as it enables the monetisation of content targeting the UKs largest free-to-air platform. This is also beneficial to viewers as it expands the Freeview offering with an entirely new type of TV channels. With Synapse we are currently delivering nearly 70 TV channels to UK Freeview including multi-channel platform Channelbox, FailArmy, Pet Collective and other services on their own Freeview LCNs”, said Tanya Kronfli, managing director of Global Distribution Services. 

“Synapse and its parent company S&T have delivered services to Freeview since its inception, and we remain committed to it as an FTA platform. We are now delivering value-add services, not just to viewers with the latest TV tech but to any viewer with a Freeview device bought in the last decade.  This approach adds value and consistency to the Freeview offering whilst benefiting content-owners via hugely extended reach”, said Chris Wass, director of Synapse TV. 

“We are thrilled to bring Fail Army and The Pet Collective to the UK Freeview audience,” said Jill Goldfarb, SVP of Streaming TV at TMB. “With several new and original programs on air and more coming soon it is the perfect timing to expand distribution and our partners at Synapse and GDS have helped make that possible.”

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