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Varnish Software, SixSq partnership

January 25, 2023

SixSq, an Ekinops Company, and Varnish Software, a player in caching, streaming and content delivery software solutions, have announced a partnership to integrate and deliver Varnish Software’s suite of web cache and HTTP accelerator solutions – Varnish Enterprise -via the Nuvla platform and marketplace. This integration simplifies the procurement, deployment and management of Varnish Software’s technology, enabling new capabilities and enhanced performance for SixSq customers and their users at the edge.

By utilising the Nuvla Marketplace to deploy Varnish Software, telecom operators and CSPs in any location can now deliver fast, high-quality web and streaming experiences while significantly lowering costs and hardware requirements across an entire ecosystem of distributed edges.

“Service providers require consistent and reliable speed and performance to deliver excellent web experiences for users, at scale,” said Irene Lundin, Chief Delivery Officer at Varnish Software. “Nuvla speeds up the way we can deliver Varnish Software by simplifying the deployment and maintenance process. We are now better equipped to deliver next-gen connectivity wherever it is needed, anywhere in the world.”

The new integration is part of a broader collaboration between the two companies to bridge 5G satellite communications with advanced web caching and content delivery at the edge, which includes contributions to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)’s 5G-EMERGE consortium.

“Our partnership with Varnish Software perfectly demonstrates the value of app delivery using the Nuvla Marketplace,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq CEO and Co-founder. “Customers from any business sector can now deploy Varnish Software’s caching app at the telco edge, near edge as well as far edge, with a direct and measurable positive impact on the digital experience of users.”

Importantly, Varnish Enterprise is the only software that can provide an edge runtime environment, enabling operators to write and execute compute logic as close to the end user as possible in mere microseconds. It can be installed in front of any server that accepts requests via HTTP/HTTPS to significantly speed up response time by an impressive 300 – 1000%, and reduce backend server load by up to 99 per cent.

SixSq’s Nuvla is a proven B2B digital platform for industrialization and automation of containerised edge applications and device management. The Nuvla app vendor program gives app vendors and customers tools to interact in a seamless way, including clear pricing and contractual terms. It also provides hassle-free monetization of business applications for telcos, service providers and system integrators.

With Varnish Enterprise available on the Nuvla Marketplace, companies can now deploy, manage and update an enterprise-grade caching solution to deliver a high-quality digital experience, remotely and securely. The purchasing and deployment process is fast, simple and robust, with the app deployed at scale in a few clicks via the Nuvla dashboard.

The service is available via a pay-as-you-go subscription.

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