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Audible announces return of The Bias Diagnosis

March 2, 2023

Audible, a specialist in spoken-word entertainment, has announced the return of The Bias Diagnosis, with a new series dissecting gender prejudice in modern healthcare. 

Living with debilitating illnesses, being less likely to be prescribed pain killers, and waiting years for treatment are just some of the experiences that frontline A&E Doctor, Dr Ronx, host of the new series, The Bias Diagnosis: Gender Injustice in Healthcare, uncovers in their investigation into one of the biggest injustices in modern medicine. 

Following the success of the awarding winning first series, which investigated racial bias in healthcare, The Bias Diagnosis: Gender Injustice in Healthcare investigates gender bias across medicine, from reproductive care and pregnancy to chronic conditions and neurodivergence. Listeners will hear from a variety of people confronting the issue on the front line, including patients who share their experience of navigating the system, medical professionals, and even historians and academics who share how historical myths impact modern practice.

The Bias Diagnosis: Gender Injustice in Healthcare is a comprehensive and sensitive examination into how gender impacts health, discovering a gender bias in diagnosis and treatment, and how a lack of funding and exclusion from research has led to healthcare inequalities for women and those assigned female at birth.

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