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BBC World Service emergency radio service for Sudan

May 2, 2023

The BBC World Service has launched an emergency pop-up radio service on BBC News Arabic for Sudan to provide vital access to news and information for those in the country.

Broadcast twice daily, the service will feature eye witness accounts, news on diplomatic efforts and serve to counter disinformation in the country. Listeners will also hear information on how to access essential supplies and services as well as analysis from voices inside and outside Sudan.

The programme, which will be broadcast live in London with input from teams in Amman and Cairo, will air on short wave in Sudan and be available on radio, online and across social media.

Tim Davie, BBC Director-General, commented: “The World Service provides an essential lifeline to many around the world where access to accurate news and information is scarce. The enhanced emergency service for Sudan will be crucial at a time of great uncertainty in the country.”

Liliane Landor, Director, World Service, added: “The situation in Sudan has escalated quickly with its citizens seeking clear, independent information and advice at a time of critical need. BBC Arabic’s Emergency Radio Service for Sudan will bring vital live updates of the situation on the ground and inform listeners of life-saving resources.”

The programme will broadcast twice daily for three months at 7am GMT on 21,510 kHz and 3pm GMT on 15,310kHz. The first programme will be available on May 2nd.

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