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Enensys, Telespazio provide uplink services for EUMETCast Europe

May 15, 2023

Enensys Technologies, a leading provider of media delivery solutions, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Telespazio, a Leonardo (67 per cent) and Thales (33 per cent) joint venture, to provide EUMETSAT with a new uplink service for EUMETCast Europe – a satellite broadcasting system to feed local Meteorological agencies with advanced real-time data for their weather forecast.

Following a public tender, EUMETSAT awarded the contract to Telespazio, supported by Enensys Technologies with its range of network and transmission equipment. Together, they have provided an up-to-date solution offering a high level of security while being compatible with existing deployed receivers at partner offices.

One of the key points for this project was to deploy a more up-to-date solution to benefit from the latest innovations, in particular seamless switching for satellite broadcast. After a successful trial, the system generated very positive feedback from its users and went on air on February 14th from the Telespazio’s teleport at Fucino and Lario, in Italy. In addition, the system does not require any change on user receivers.

“Together with Telespazio, we designed an innovative solution based on standard technology, which guarantees the compatibility for the receivers deployed in the field” said Laurent ROUL, Vice-President Marketing at Enensys Technologies. “It was an exciting challenge that we have successfully accomplished on time. Our flexibility and expertise really made the difference.”

“Innovation and reliability have been Telespazio’s trademark for over sixty years. Our cooperation with Enensysconfirms this approach and allows us to provide EUMETSAT with a network capable of supporting a service that helps improve and safeguard the everyday lives of European citizens.” said Alessandro CARANCI, SVP Head of Satellite Communication at Telespazio.

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