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South Africa wants national broadband network

May 19, 2023

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s communications minister Mondli Gungubele says the country’s government will allocate R6 billion (about €286 million) to build a national broadband network to connect the nation’s government departments, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

The minister gave the news to parliament during a debate on the nation’s Communications & Technology’s budget debate. The cash will go to the State IT Agency (SITA).

The aim is to have SITA build the network on a per-region basis, he added, and the project will ensure government reduces cost and duplication of communication infrastructure from municipal to national government level, he told members of parliament. “Designated” service providers, including those empowered by youth and women, must receive “at least 40 per cent of the value of this project”.

South Africa already has independent suppliers of broadband including services from MTN, Telkom and Vodacom.

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