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Veset Nimbus in AWS Marketplace

May 23, 2023

Veset has announced that Veset Nimbus is now available in AWS Marketplace. Veset Nimbus is an enterprise-grade cloud playout solution for advanced channel origination and management. AWS customers can access the cloud-based solution to create linear, OTT or FAST channels. Bringing Veset Nimbus to AWS Marketplace offers an on-demand solution for channel creation where content owners can create and launch linear TV channels quickly and easily, while paying only for what they use. It enables channel owners to ingest content from various sources, schedule channel content, while managing a mix of live and pre-recorded content. The ability to integrate ad markers makes it easy to monetise channels. Gatis Gailis, CEO, Veset, commented: “Broadcasters and content owners of today need fast, efficient, reliable, and straightforward ways to launch, manage and deliver high-quality linear channels. By making Veset Nimbus available in AWS Marketplace,  AWS customers can now create and launch professional channels in a matter of minutes.”

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