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KSAT expands ground network monitoring

August 9, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Norway-based Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) claims to have the most extensive ground station network for maritime and polar orbiting satellite monitoring. Founded in 2002 it has more than 200 antennas at 23 sites worldwide. It has now added automated Ka-band monitoring for high-speed data transfer.

KSAT says it will additionally install small-aperture antennas for S-band satellite uplink and downlink, X-band downlink and Ka-band downlink at six ground station locations within its network.

This fully automated tri-band satellite communication network will enable seamless communication across multiple frequency bands using a standardised four-channel baseband unit. KSAT says that adding tri-band antennas at these selected sites around the world will further streamline operations, enhance resource allocation for optimal performance and ensure reliable and secure communication regardless of geographical constraints.

One of the new ground stations is located in Jeju, South Korea.

“KSAT continues to invest in new technologies and remains at the forefront of Ground Network advancements. The launch of the KSATlite Ka-band network showcases our ability to provide seamless and versatile connectivity solutions to our customers, with exceptional reliability and unmatched performance,” said Marte Indregard, KSAT Chief Commercial Officer.

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