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Dizplai extends partnership with The United Stand

September 12, 2023

Dizplai has renewed its partnership with The United Stand and its sister channel That’s Football. The partnership builds on a hugely successful season delivering over 1,000 livestreams for fans, with Dizplai’s platform powering real-time graphics with match data, fan comments and social feed input.

The independent YouTube channels, which have a combined following of 2.7 million subscribers, have become a phenomenon in recent years, serving football fans all over the world with an alternative perspective on the game. Presented by commentator and influencer Mark Goldbridge, The United Stand and That’s Football tap into new ways to reach and engage football fans before, during and after major matches. The livestreams feature dynamic graphics with both match and player data as well as audience interaction and commercial activations – all powered by Dizplai’s cloud-based platform.

Mark Goldbridge, Presenter of The United Stand commented: “Dizplai provides our livestreams with fantastic, innovative overlays that make our content go from ordinary to extraordinary. We can bring in live stats, goal updates and starting elevens that make our visuals pop and are game changing in the arena we work in.”

Ryan Johnston, Head of Social and Production at The United Stand added: “Beyond the software itself, the staff at Dizplai played an instrumental role in this transformative journey. Their unwavering support, technical expertise, and proactive approach ensured that the integration was smooth, and any challenges faced were swiftly addressed. Buoyed by the success of this collaboration, The United Stand and That’s Football eagerly anticipate future projects with Dizplai as the partnership goes beyond mere technology integration – it’s about breaking boundaries within the industry and setting new benchmarks.”

Dizplai’s end-to-end engagement platform responds to a growing demand for live content around major sports and entertainment, empowering broadcasters, sports organisations and brands to create compelling, two-way experiences before, during and after the main event.
Ed Abis, Managing Director at Dizplai said: “We are very proud to play our part in The United Stand and That’s Football’s remarkable success as a pioneer in how to engage audiences with fan-first content. We look forward to continuing to innovate together to keep fans all over the world entertained and engaged before, during and after the biggest games.”

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