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Inverto, Future TV launch complete platform for streaming services

September 13, 2023

Inverto (FTA Communication Technologies SARL), the Luxembourg-based supplier of broadcast reception equipment and video streaming solutions serving major DTH operators across the world and a pioneer in the domain of video streaming over broadcast using the emerging DVB-MABR and DVB-Native IP (DVB-NIP) standards, and Future TV, a San Diego based company supplying complete OTT platforms including transcoding, support for advertising and all other needed functionality to support a streaming platform, have announced the launch of a complete platform for streaming services using the new DVB-NIP standard.

The new platform combines Inverto’s expertise in satellite reception and distribution with Future TV’s cutting-edge OTT platform to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for streaming services online and via satellite/terrestrial. The platform uses Inverto’s airstream Live solution consisting of a DVB-MABR Server and DVB NIP (Native IP) Gateways and the airstream Live iOS/Android mobile applications, which enable the broadcast delivery of HLS and DASH streaming services, as well as files, over satellite and terrestrial networks with low latency and high reliability. To receive the satellite signal, Inverto offers a broad array of quality dish antennas and LNBs to choose from, depending on the footprint of the selected satellite and the reception conditions at the target territory.

Inverto’s airstream Live MABR Server can be deployed as a cloud service or as an on-premise server. It interfaces with the FutureTV’s OTT platform which transcodes, packages, delivers and monetizes the IP streams to any device and supports various formats and protocols, such as HLS, DASH, CMAF, WebRTC, SRT, and NDI. The platform – when online – also supports various features such as interactive live streaming, cloud DVR, AI-based content recommendation, and advertising insertion.

“We are delighted to partner with Future TV to launch a complete platform for streaming services using our airstream Live solution which is compliant with the new DVB NIP standard,” said Christophe Perini, CEO of Inverto. “Our platform offers a unique value proposition for streaming service providers who want to leverage the advantages of satellite distribution, such as wide coverage, high quality, and low cost. Our platform also enables the integration of satellite and OTT services in a seamless and user-friendly way.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Inverto to launch a complete platform for streaming services using the new DVB NIP standard,” said Bob Kulakowski, CEO of Future TV. “Our platform provides a state-of-the-art OTT solution that can handle any streaming scenario with high performance and scalability. Our platform also offers a rich set of features that can enhance the viewing experience and generate revenue for streaming service providers.”

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