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Harmonic unveils enhancements for VOS Media Software

September 14, 2023

Harmonic has announced a giant leap forward in operational efficiency and performance for its cloud-native VOS Media Software, setting a new standard for pay-TV, telco and cable operators worldwide. At IBC2, Harmonic will showcase VOS Media Software enabling simpler, more cost-efficient video streaming delivery.

“The latest version of VOS Media Software reinforces our commitment to being at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge streaming solutions tailored to the dynamic requirements of the industry,” said Orit Kahana, vice president, SaaS product management at Harmonic. “The demand for economically viable media software that is easy to deploy and operate is undeniable. During IBC2023, we’ll showcase how our customers can more efficiently process and deliver media content to every screen using cloud-native VOS Media Software on-premises, or in their own cloud infrastructure, whether private or public.”

The new version of VOS Media Software offers up to 40% improved origin performance, translating into substantial cost savings for telco and cable operators. It also provides seamless integration with off-the-shelf storage solutions tailored for non-live streaming applications and can scale easily from pre-defined starter packages up to customised systems deployed across multiple data centres.

Beyond streaming, VOS Media Software offers telco and cable operators all the broadcast features needed for deploying a broadcast headend, including premium video quality, statistical multiplexing as well as playout and branding for originating linear channels from live and file content. Additionally, the next-gen software provides operators with a comprehensive suite of self-serve documentation and guidelines, facilitating the smooth integration of orchestration and monitoring tools.

Harmonic’s VOS Media Software simplifies all stages of media processing and delivery for premium video streaming and broadcast services. Running as advanced, cloud-native software for video servers in private data centre, bare-metal infrastructure or the public cloud, the end-to-end video platform provides unparalleled agility, resiliency, security and scalability for a superior viewing experience.

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