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FOX News Digital marks 30 months as Top News Brand

September 18, 2023

FOX News Digital finished August marking 30 consecutive months as the top news brand with multiplatform minutes, according to Comscore. FOX News Digital also led news brands with multiplatform views and saw both monthly and yearly growth with multiplatform views, multiplatform minutes and multiplatform unique visitors. FOX News Digital closed out the month reaching 3.2 billion total multiplatform minutes, 1.8 billion total multiplatform views, and 92 million multiplatform unique visitors. FOX News Digital was also the top news brand with 3.1 average views per visit. Additionally, the FOX News Mobile App reached 6 million unique visitors in August.

FOX News was once again the most engaged brand on social media in the competitive set in August, with 24 million total social interactions, notching the 108th consecutive month FOX News has placed on top, according to Emplifi. FOX News drove 6.3 million interactions on Facebook, 15.2 million Instagram interactions and 2.6 million Twitter interactions. On YouTube, FOX News secured 158.2 million video views, seeing 4% month-over-month growth, according to Shareablee. drove 175 million multiplatform views (+15% versus the year prior), surpassing CNN Business for the 17th consecutive month and for the 28th consecutive month. Additionally, the business network delivered 302 million multiplatform minutes and 20.9 million multiplatform unique visitors.*** FOX Business’ videos on YouTube remained the most viewed among the business news competitive set for the 21st straight month, achieving a record 83.0 million views in August, seeing 41% growth year-over-year, according to Shareablee.


Multi-Platform Total Views

FOX News Digital – 1,832,000,000 (up 20% vs. August 2022; up 6% vs. July 2023) – 1,363,000,000 (flat vs. August 2022; up 26% vs. July 2023) – 1,325,000,000 (flat vs. August 2022; up 8% vs. July 2023)

Multi-Platform Total Minutes

FOX News Digital – 3,214,000,000 (up 10% vs. August 2022; up 6% vs. July 2023) – 2,114,000,000 (down 10% vs. August 2022; up 26% vs. July 2023) – 1,373,000,000 (up 3% vs. August 2022; up 6% vs. July 2023)

Multi-Platform Unique Visitors

FOX News Digital – 92,186,000 (up 19% vs. August 2022; up 11% vs. July 2023) – 128,245,000 (up 10% vs. August 2022; up 12% vs. July 2023) – 74,512,000 (down 11% vs. August 2022; up 1% vs. July 2023)

Prior to December 2021, FOX News Digital was referred to as FOX News Digital Network.

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