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Synacor launches Cloud ID Passkey Connect

September 21, 2023

Synacor has announced Cloud ID Passkey Connect to end password headaches for consumers, and help service providers and content owners cut down on one of the most frequent and costly reasons for trouble calls. Cloud ID Passkey Connect is a managed service that helps streaming content companies and service providers deploy secure, passwordless authentication for online content. The service can be integrated into existing authentication solutions to maximise frictionless user experiences.

Frequently forgotten passwords are a major churn risk for streaming app providers. Meanwhile, most consumers say they prefer a security measure that doesn’t involve the use of passwords at all. Cloud ID Passkey Connect leverages Synacor’s experience in authentication and identity management to deliver benefits for consumers, content providers and service providers alike. This includes simplified access to online content, minimised profit loss from password sharing and fraud, and decreased customer support costs.

“Content value is maximised when it’s as easy as possible to access on any platform,” said Jeff Bak, Senior Vice President of Product at Synacor. “For years, efforts have focused on trying to make password-based access easier when really the only way to make the problem go away is to get rid of passwords themselves. Cloud ID Passkey Connect eliminates fallout from lost, forgotten, stolen and shared passwords and the burden to create, manage and remember an ever-expanding portfolio of passwords so consumers can finally enjoy streaming content anytime, anywhere with zero effort.”

Cloud ID Passkey Connect offers significant advantages over legacy password managers, including the elimination of stored passwords and the need for users to enter a specific password or passphrase for each account, both of which increase vulnerabilities to hacking and phishing attempts. Using Cloud ID Passkey Connect, subscribers can simply and securely log in with the same method they use to unlock their phone. This could include a fingerprint sensor, face recognition, a PIN or pattern, or confirmation via a wearable device. The offering is packaged as a managed service for ease of deployment by service providers and content companies.

“As identity experts, the Cloud ID team can ensure frustration-free integrations with a constantly expanding set of services,” said Daniel Warren, Vice President of Product and Program Management at Synacor. “We do the heavy lifting on integrations and ongoing management, so internal teams at service providers and streaming companies can focus their attention on other priority issues.”

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