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ESPI launches Europe in Space vision

September 26, 2023

By Chris Forrester

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Europe’s independent Think Tank for Space, has presented ESPI-2040 – Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations, a bold policy vision for Europe in space in the coming decades.

ESPI-2040, advocates for Europe as a strong partner in space for the world. It outlines how space can provide solutions to respond to the unprecedented challenges Europe and the world are facing and how it can be a source of inspiration for science and society. ESPI-2040 emphasises the policy impact of space and underlines its transformative nature.

“Space affects all aspects of our daily lives and is key to Europe’s digital and NetZero future, our economy and security”, said Hermann Ludwig Moeller, Director of ESPI. “Space systems and services are crucial to advance our green and sustainable societies, strengthen our defence and sovereignty, and inspire European citizens through new frontiers.”

Europe’s achievements in space have enabled unique benefits, supporting, and transforming other policy domains and sectors of the economy:

● Europe’s Earth observation, and navigation capabilities (EU Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS) empower modern precision farming and enhance global food security.

● Satellite communications services provided by European satellite operators bring the Internet to remote regions and help bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected.

● Europe’s latest generation of satellite meteorology (EUMETSAT’s Meteosat Third Generation) dramatically improves weather forecasting and our disaster response.

“Europe has the capabilities, foundations, and prerequisites to develop into a full space power. Finding itself at a unique inflection point, Europe cannot miss the opportunities afforded by space”, Mr Moeller said.

ESPI-2040 proposes measurable goals for 2040 and calls on European policy makers and institutions, industries, start-ups, finance, academia, and scientific communities to engage in an open debate, agree on common goals and translate them into programmes delivering tangible results.

The ESPI-2040 vision for Europe proposes to define and implement policy action on three levels and their interconnections: Policy Impact, Space Capability and Autonomy, and Foundation.

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