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Starlink’s laser craft update

September 28, 2023

A SpaceX rocket has successfully placed into orbit another batch of its Starlink satellites, and again equipped with inter-satellite laser links.

Starlink says its satellites are able to connect thousands of kilometres apart, beyond the view of ground stations, and maintain pointing accuracy to enable data transfer up to 100 Gbps on each link.

The operator adds that it now has more than 8,000 space lasers in its mega-constellation.

“Starlink’s laser mesh network allows us to provide truly global coverage and serve those in the most remote locations on Earth, including maritime and aviation customers,” it added.

Traditionally, a satellite uses radio frequencies to communicate to and from Earth and each other. SpaceX engineers say that their ‘Optical inter-satellite links’ are faster and replace their earlier satellites which depended on radio signals for communication.

Bob Smith of Starlink Zone reports that a Starlink email confirmed that the company has begun to cover remote areas in Canada, Australia, and Antarctica with laser-equipped satellites.

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