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Study: 43% of countries left behind in e-infrastructure

October 4, 2023

With global internet user growth beginning to stagnate, 52 out of 121 countries worldwide have poor electronic infrastructure according to Surfshark’s analysis.

Countries with low e-infrastructure also tend to have very low wealth. Their average GDP per capita (€4.1k) is almost 8 times lower than in countries with good e-infrastructure (€31.1k).

Other key findings include:

  • 96 per cent of analysed African countries fall within the ‘poor e-infrastructure’ category. Only one of the analysed African countries — Kenya — has higher-than-average e-infrastructure. Kenya also has a low GDP per capita (€2k), proving that wealth of a country is not the only factor driving e-infrastructure development.

  • The majority of European countries enjoy a well-developed electronic infrastructure. Only 13 per cent of the continent’s countries there rank lower than average: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova and North Macedonia. 
“A country’s e-infrastructure level greatly impacts the quality of people’s lives – from access to information to employment opportunities and education. Monitoring countries’ progress in e-infrastructure can help to better understand the key drivers behind it and speed up its development,” commented Surfshark spokesperson Gabriele Racaityte-Krasauske.

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