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South Korea wants to launch more satellites

October 17, 2023

By Chris Forrester

South Korea already has a small satellite rocket builder, Innospace. It successfully handled a test sub-orbital launch back in March and is using that flight to help develop a vehicle capable of carrying smallish satellites. The test flight of the Hanbit rocket took place from Brazil’s Alcantara launch site.

It has announced plans to mount an IPO in 2024 to help finance the rocket’s progress to a two-stage vehicle. Innospace says it has already raised $70 million in early stage funding.

The target is to be handling 30 launches annually by 2027. The next flight, also from Alcantara, is slated for Q4 2024 and will carry a 50 kgs craft into low Earth orbit.

Besides the Brazilian plans the company has also signed up Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre in the nation’s Norther Territory. The agreement is for 5-years and runs to the end of 2028.

A recent statement also talked of discussions with Norway’s Andoya Space rocket launch site and spaceport on Andøya island in Andøy Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. Andoya is already a successful facility having launched more than 1,200 small rockets since 1962.

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