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SiriusXM unveils new look

November 9, 2023

By Chris Forrester

SiriusXM has unveiled its refreshed branding built around a star icon.

The North American pay-radio broadcasters states that the new logo takes inspiration from the night sky, putting a star at the centre of its iconic ‘S’ to represent Sirius, the ‘Dog Star’. The star is defined to “harken back to the brand’s origins as well as gives a nod to the service’s consumer value proposition, bringing subscribers closer to the artists, hosts, celebrities, journalists, newsmakers, and personalities they love. Interwoven into the new logo is this concept of Closer, a refreshed brand platform that aligns with the heart and soul of the SiriusXM brand”.

The broadcaster has also refreshed its online logo and presentation style. The new look combines both the SiriusXM offerings and brings together its Pandora streaming service.

There are a number of new additions to its talent line-up including James Corden’s new weekly show and additional programming coming to Conan O’Brien’s channel. SiriusXM will also launch a True Crime channel in partnership with Ashley Flowers’ Audiochuck.

“Today at SiriusXM’s Next Generation Industry & Press Preview, the Company unveiled the new SiriusXM Streaming app, rolling out to subscribers across North America beginning on December 14th. Accompanying the app is a refreshed brand platform and the newly-priced Streaming All Access Plan for $9.99 a month*, aimed at welcoming in a new generation of SiriusXM listeners,” said CEO Jennifer Witz.

“The introduction of the new SiriusXM streaming experience marks a pivotal moment in our history, one that kicks off a new era of innovation at our Company,” said Jennifer Witz, CEO, SiriusXM. “And this launch is just the beginning; we will continue to iterate and develop our product offerings throughout the next year and beyond as we strive to deliver our subscribers the best listening experience on the go, in the car, and wherever they choose to tune in. From can’t miss live moments to the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, with the new SiriusXM, we are putting our differentiators at the forefront and welcoming in a new generation of listeners, bringing them closer to what they love.”

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