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SiriusXM upgrade planned

October 12, 2023

By Chris Forrester

US pay-radio operator SiriusXM, in the process of being fully absorbed by Liberty Media, is about to unveil a new-look streaming tool, mobile App and in-car innovations as well as a new logo.

An event is scheduled for November 8th when the full portfolio will be showcased to press and shareholders.

The need for a refresh is seen as necessary given that SiriusXM’s subscriber base has been static at almost 34 million for the past three years. The intention is to overhaul the broadcaster’s satellite-delivered service as well as its streaming services.

One of the aims according to SiriusXM Chief Product & Technology Officer Joe Inzerillo is to bring the service into the digital age.

“We have this amazing content, and we have a very, very profitable legacy business of distributing it to cars, but the digital piece of it has always been sort of this thing bolted on the side. It was never designed to be a digital product,” said Izerillo.

The overall goal is to make SiriusXM’s listening experience as effortless as possible, regardless of how users are tuning in. The changes will take the listening experience to well beyond the car. While SiriusXM has had non-vehicle based services for years it now recognises that its competition comes from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others.

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